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Maria Becker DO

Founder of VEZ DA VIDA &  The Art to Embrace your Life

Languages: German, English, "Portunhol"


Maria has worked for over 25 years as a holistic body therapist, training therapists and accompanying people on their way to physical, emotional and energetic health.
Her vision is a world where people reconnect with their inner essence, their heart, and are able to be in harmony with the natural rhythms of life. Human beings who trust life, recognise their true purpose and live their mission with devotion.
Early on, the question arose in her to what extent the family and social environment in which we grow up influences our being and shapes our lives. Are we really victims of the past, of our genetics and family history? Or is there a way to determine our life much more than we initially thought? What means are there to free us from suffering and return to being conscious creators of our lives?
The search for the origin of our being and the deep desire to achieve inner peace awakened in her the search for a deeper understanding of life. She started working as a physiotherapist, but soon left this medical field because many essential questions remained unanswered. In order to see the human being in a more holistic way and to develop a deeper understanding of the functions of the human organism, she decided to train in Osteopathy. During this period she experienced great emotional challenges in her private life, which seriously affected her physical health.
To bring peace to her life after her studies, she decided to travel to Thailand and spend some time in a monastery with Buddhist monks. It was there that she came into contact with Vipassana meditation, which ended up having a decisive influence on her life, changing the way she felt, perceived and looked at the world and her own life.
Back in Germany, Maria graduated as an Osteopathy teacher and trained therapists for 12 years at the European Institute of Osteopathy- Holistéa.
Parallel to her Naturopathic practice and therapeutic teaching, she continued the practice of Vipassana deepening the process of self-knowledge and her spiritual life.
Still studying Osteopathy, she participated in a seminar with the North American educator Karlton Terry, specialist in assistance for overcoming pre and perinatal traumas. Working with adults to release the hurt associated with her own birth moved her deeply. This experience brought her an understanding of how much our own birth and prenatal experience influences our future life. The treatment of babies and pregnant women, especially the emotional field that is connected to it, complemented her work and her insight into the life story of each person in a decisive way. With this new awareness and the sum of the clinical and personal experiences acquired, Maria entered the field of pre and perinatal psychology training herself as a pre and perinatal body therapist according to the method of the renowned Swiss psychotherapist, Franz Renggli.

"My work today is the integration of all the tools I have acquired during all these years.
My mission is to put the sum of my experience, together with my sensitivity and intuition, at the service of all beings who are in search of their own healing. The aim of my work is to help people to return to their Being, to reconnect with their nature, recognising their true inner value. I wish that they can find their place in the world, be less afraid of life, and enjoy a better connection with themselves and others."

With love, Maria.


José Babastro Moa DO

Founder of VEZ DA VIDA

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, German,  Italian, French, English

Born to Spanish parents, José grew up in Switzerland. At the age of 16, he fell ill with severe asthma and chronic sinusitis. From a medical point of view, there was neither explanation nor hope of cure.
Years of arduous and exhausting pilgrimage through countless doctors' offices followed. Endless drug treatments with antibiotics and cortisone determined his daily life. The worst thing, however, was the feeling of being so helpless and powerless. And it was precisely this feeling that awoke in him an inner strength, a deep desire for truth, healing and liberation. Not only for himself, but for all people on earth. There had to be a way out of suffering, back to health. His search determined his life. Driven by his own suffering, he decided to leave nothing untried, hoping to find ways that would also alleviate the suffering of others.
Many years of studies and training courses in various medical specialities followed.

His first profession as a physiotherapist took him from Switzerland to Spain. In Galicia, his parents' homeland, José opened his own practice. Despite many additional trainings, specialization courses and a full practice, he felt he had not yet reached his end. He was searching for healing techniques that would allow him to understand and treat the human being in a deeper and more holistic way. The desire to free himself from his breathing difficulties and his compassion for the suffering of others, was the inner drive to continue with the búsqueda. This is how his interest in osteopathy was born. Through this holistic manual art, of grasping and treating the human being through the hands, he broke with the habit of reducing the body to a simple biomechanical construct, realising that everything in the body is constantly interrelated and interacting with the rest. The place of symptoms is not always the place that needs to be treated. Osteopathy is based on the laws of nature that are universal and omnipresent.
In this period he met his present wife and partner Maria at the Holistéa Osteopathic Institute in Munich.
Initially very rational and science-focused, this path, with the support and inspiration of a therapist friend, awoke in José the spirituality that seemed to have completely slumbered until then.
His first Vipassana retreat showed him another side of himself. Vipassana opened access to and release of old behavioural patterns and unprocessed trauma energies that were still stored inside. The influence of mind over body. He was granted to experience deep inner peace and a sense of connection with everything.
Vipassana became an important part of his life. Vipassana practice made him aware of the deep emotional wounds that were still stored in his subconscious and how these feelings manifested themselves also through his physical body.
Blessed with the support of his wife and inspired by experienced therapists and spiritual masters, Joseph began to explore more deeply his own being and consciousness. He spent 10 days in complete darkness where he was allowed to access deep emotional processes and at the same time discover the nature of his Being. His own divinity and his inner light were revealed to him.

However, his physical symptoms persisted. There were more lessons to learn. He felt the call of the jungle and let his heart guide him. Thus his path led him to several shamans in Peru. The beginning of a wonderful connection with Pachamama and the sacred master plants of the Amazon. A new dimension to the metaphysical planes was revealed to him. Pachamama, through the spirit of ayahuasca, showed him the principles of the totality of the world. A new path was opened from which there was no turning back.
"Today I am grateful and aware that the illness was my true guide and teacher. She gave me much more than she took away from me. I thank her for showing me the way back home, to that place where there is no more suffering, where there is only the eternal pulsing of God within me; in my Heart."

With love, José


Ángel de Sardi

Shaman and Medium
Traditional Chinese medicine

Languages: Spanish, English

Even as a child, Ángel had the ability to see the spirits of the deceased. For him, this was something quite natural, but it frightened his mother and brothers, who did not understand this phenomenon. Ángel could sense energies and receive information through people's eyes. This unusual ability, which he had possessed since childhood, was often met with incomprehension. His abilities brought much suffering into his life and forced him to go through very difficult times during his childhood and youth.
However, his own emotional wounds strengthened his resolve to help others free themselves from their suffering and achieve healing. Ángel began to study and acquire extensive knowledge in various medical fields, soon realising that true healing could not be limited to the physical body. Dissatisfied

and curious, he felt the need to go deeper and become more holistic, and found answers in traditional Chinese medicine, which he still uses effectively and successfully today. The art of acupuncture, in combination with his deep spiritual connection, has led him to miraculous healings that cannot be
explained by today's science.
Ángel soon realised that his ability to communicate with and receive information from the "divine source" or that higher intelligence of which we are all a part, was a power and a gift from heaven that

he had to responsibly take on and put at the service of all humanity. Through this connection with the All, he realised that his whole life's journey was the teaching of a higher consciousness and that his task was to serve the health of others, to bring physical, emotional and energetic well-being. But life had another gift in reserve for him.

 Ángel's story with Sacred Medicine. The awakening of the shaman.

Ángel himself describes it as a calling. In his first ceremony with ayahuasca, he could already see subtle worlds, other dimensions and other beings, and he could communicate with the plant.

Mother Ayahuasca told him that he had a shaman inside him and that he should work with the medicine. At that time he did not really understand how and in what way he should work, but soon he started to learn from other shamans.
Soon he began to learn from other shamans and to perform his first ceremonies with ayahuasca.

Exploring the plant and his own inner being through it led him to many insights that opened the way to deeper levels of consciousness.
Following the call of his heart and guided by the divine, Ángel moved to a shamanic spiritual centre in the jungles of Peru where another great gift was waiting for him. During the first ceremony, Ángel entered into a magical connection with the plant and the elements. The spirits chose him and called him to come out and chant sacred, healing Iccaros. Without ever having learned iccaros or any singing technique in his life, Ángel began to sing. The participants of the ceremony were deeply moved by these powerful healing vibrations. The Shipibo shamans who performed the ceremony were themselves impressed by Ángel's power. They recognised his extraordinary connection to medicine and observed the powerful healing energy that the participants experienced that night, the head shaman, the owner of the centre, asked Ángelwith humility and wisdom to put his gift at the service of the community.

Ángel says in his own words:
"And well, that's where my work as a shaman began. I consider myself a simple servant,
chosen simply to bring light into this family, the human family. To my being, we are all one, and helping to release physical, emotional and energetic suffering is my role and my path.
A path that has been given to me, and for which I am grateful. I wish that through me, and this
higher consciousness that is always with me, you can obtain your healing, or the knowledge that you are seeking. It will be a pleasure for me to guide you, from love and light, with the help I bring from other
so that you may achieve your goals and your wellbeing; just as many others have experienced.
Thank you to all of you who are going to participate and to those who have already participated.

With love, Ángel!

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