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Ostopatia na gavidez
"From water to mother,
from mother to earth".
Healing bath - bonding to strengthen
your baby's primary confidence.

Not only a pregnancy or a dramatic birth, but also a rapid or very prolonged delivery, as well as the separation of the newborn from its mother, are very stressful situations for the baby. Such occurrences usually remain in the mother's system as well as in her baby for a long period of time.

The healing bath ritual for babies is a therapeutic tool with profound effects for both mother and baby. The bath  re-establishes the bond between mother and baby, through which traumatic events can be healed or sensitively improved. The mother builds the foundation of her child's primary trust. Recreating the beginning of life established by nature: naked and wet into the tender arms of the mother! The initially disturbed trust is re-established and the bond - mother and child - is strengthened. This is a very important healing moment for the mother too, since the two, mother and baby, are intimately linked.

In what situations could a bonding bath
may help?

A healing bath or bonding can be performed after any type of birth. It is mainly useful in the following conditions:

  •  Cesarean delivery

  •  Vacuum or forceps birth 

  •   Fast or slow births

  • After a mother and child have been separated after birth

  • Difficulties in breastfeeding or general difficulties in breastfeeding

  • Postpartum depression

  •  Absence of maternal feelings

  • Whenever the mother feels or needs to work through something from the birth of her child.


O ritual do banho de cura para
bebê & mãe

The baby bath is used to process trauma.
It's recommended that it is done and guided by an experienced therapist the first time! To accompany your child at the beginning of its life here on earth and to support and strengthen your feminine power as mother and woman is a pleasure for me.

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