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Pre and Perinatal Psychology

Trauma Reprocessing for Adults
Adults can explore their prenatal, birth and early life experiences
in guided settings.

The unborn fetus participates in its mother's emotional life

The foetus is a fully conscious and interactive being from the moment of conception.

Throughout pregnancy, the baby is part of its mother's emotional life and is extremely influenced by the maternal environment. Learning processes occur in which information is transferred from mother to child by different routes. Through the umbilical cord, sensory organs, hormones in the blood and other routes as yet unknown to science. Every experience is stored in her body system and influences the development of the foetus, its organs and brain.

We must remember that the unborn child is a human being with full rights and is fully aware of its surroundings. It perceives through touch, tastes, smells, hears and, above all, feels emotions and different moods. The unborn baby perceives everything that happens around him.

Meeting your inner child


The expression "inner child" is used figuratively when referring to the experiences lived in the mother's womb in the pre- and perinatal period. It symbolises our experiences, the feelings associated with them and the beliefs that arose from them. These experiences are stored mainly in our subconscious and cellular memory. We tend to repress the negative experiences so as not to have to endure the feeling experienced again.

However, memories are easier to repress than the feelings associated with them, which tend to surface and become activated countless times throughout our lives without us being aware of their true origin. 
To approach our inner child means to seek access to that part of us which has had that repressed or dissociated experience. It is the loving encounter with our hurt, pain, anger, fear, rejection and other emotions. It is the encounter with our own vulnerability.  It is with this sincere willingness that the first step towards healing is taken.


Your inner child needs a home

The subconscious can also be compared to a dark cellar.
Somehow everyone knows it, the dark cellar, a place where one doesn't like to be or even avoids it completely. Yet it is there, full of things that belong to us but are usually forgotten. When we finally pluck up the courage, we are surprised by all the things we have stored there. Most commonly we avoid the cellar so that we don't have to look at it too closely. Often, just imagining "going down" there can arouse fears that are physically felt. In the figurative sense, working with the inner child is like "cleaning" our own inner cellar.

Where do the roots of our problems and obstacles lie, what circumstances led to them and what people were involved at the time?

The pre- and perinatal process, when lovingly conducted in a conscious, protected and judgment-free space, is able to reveal and clarify our own inner dynamics and the energies that converge from our ancestors. By transforming our own or adopted patterns, false beliefs, negative experiences and releasing our emotional and energetic blockages, we come closer to our divine essence, where peace, joy and love for life, are revealed as the natural state of Being.

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